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Texas Hill Country Travel is operated by and is a service of the Travel Co-op, Inc., a non-profit Texas co-operative. The co-operative is member owned and has as its primary purpose the promotion, support, and development of tourism in the State of Texas.

Texas Hill Country Travel is part of the co-op's goal of promoting tourism and is designed as a source of timely online travel information for lodging, dining, events, attractions, tours, and much more, plus providing useful planning tools for travel to and from the Texas Hill Country. We hope you find the information on this Site useful in planning your Texas Hill Country travel adventure.

Texas Hill Country Travel employs standard size ads: 180x150px for 3 right column placements, available on all 155 "category" and 1950 "amenities" pages, and a standard 728x90px Leaderboard ad, which is available on all 1950 "amenities" pages only.

All ads can be set for random or custom placement and can be either static or flash. If you're using a 300x250 ad, it will auto reduce to our 180x150 size. Currently, we are offering extremly attractive introductory rates, and preference for future placement will be given to those who advertise early.

Need a custom ad? Our graphics department will give you a quote on adapting or orginal concept. They're quick and reasonably priced. So, email or call us at 800.980.3919 to hear about our super early bird deals!


This month's Featured City is Austin, capital of the great state of Texas!

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